Stuart Diamond's career covers a wide range of disciplines. He is a producer, composer, musician, writer, director, videoartist, and journalist. He is a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow and was a Trustee for The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

2017 Events:

November 20; Duo Impovs withYael Acher Modiano to the films of Experimental Master Filmmaker Ken Jacobs at Lincoln Center Library, New York
November 18: Diamond joins
 Don Slepian for his "Fusion of Intergalactic Music" concert at the fabled Gemini and Scorpio loft in Brooklyn
November 4, Electric Diamond at Salon 33, Princeton, New Jersey
September 29: Composers Forum, Frost School of Music, University of Miami
September 27: Presentation on "The Quest and the Power of Questions, St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida
September 25-29: Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Residency at St. Thomas College, Miami Florida
May 20: Impressions at an Exhibition - Concert Premiere by Electric Diamond, Spectrum, New York City
May 8: "Sonatine" performed by Klinghoffer and Shani Inban Karni in Riga, Latvia
April 13: "Sonatine" performed by Klinghoffer and Shani Inban Karni in Jerusalem, Israel
April 11: Karen Bentley Pollick premieres the convert videos for Mt Ararat and Bach's Ciaconna at CCRMA, Stanford University
April 1: Electric Diamond at The Rotunda, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
March 18: Screening of Impressions at an Exhibition, Inwood Film Festival, New York City
March 7: Premiere of The Dark Lady Reflections St Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa
March 6-10: Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Residency at St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa
January 14: Impressions at an Exhibition - Concert Premiere by Electric Diamond, Firehouse Space, Brooklyn

2016 Events:

December 21: Five Bagatelles with Karen Bently Pollick, Seattle, Wa.
November 16-20: Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellowship residency at Lindenwood University
October 29: Electric Diamond, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Washington Crossings, New Jersey
September 29: Electric Diamond, Live Stream from SALON 33, Princeton, NJ.
September 28: Contrasts Time (New Videoart) with Karen Bently Pollick (violin), Music by Ayal Adler, Spectrum, New York City
September 24: Electric Diamond, Highland Park, NJ
September 22: Premier of Video for new work by Ayal Adler, Permainu Muzika Festival, Klaipediar, Lithuainia
August 21: Duo Reunion Improvosations with Paul Fejko, SALON 33, Princeton, NJ.
July 30: Electric DiamondPaul Robeson Center for the Arts. Princeton, NJ
July 22: Electric Diamond, Live show Princton University Radio WPRB-FM
July 3: Being Alice, Orchestra Version, Givat Washington University, Israel, Michael Klinghoffer, Conducter
June 29: Keynote Presentation, Israeli Musicological Society, Israel

June 11: Electric Diamond, Performing at The Heart of Art, Hamilton, NJ
March 26: Electric Diamond, Performing at The Soma Center, Highland Park, NJ (See review)
March 21: National Physician of the Year Awards, Executive Media Producer
January: Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellowship residency at Valparaiso University
January: Master of the Astral Plane presented on WBAI radio - Ear Massage with Mark Laiso
January: Concert Conversation at Spectrum featuring Video Music of Stuart Diamond and Zibuolke Martinaityte
January/February 2016: Sonatine, performed by Strange Interlude, Lily Press, Harp - Simon Linn-Gerstein, Cello