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Six vignettes from an interview with Elizabeth Lynn at The Institute of Leadership and Service  as part of my Woodrow Wilson Visiting residency at Valparaiso University in January 2016. 

"Being able to let go of who I thought I was suppose to be. That was the key."

"What is the intent of asking a question? It should be very conscious... how to grow my world and make it bigger than it is now." 

"What was it that made me pick up that instrument - the Lyricon?  What was that something else that got me to see the opportunity? It was not something I would get from studying music at a conservatory. It was something I got from studying philosophy - from Socrates and Plato". 

"What is Healing? It is fascinating the range of answers you get from the men and women, the physicians and scientists, who have changed the course of modern medicine."  

"I would argue that the most practical course you can take is Shakespeare."

"But that is a new way of Seeing. My world is richer because I see more..."