from 2008 to 2016 I was the executive media producer of The National Physician of the Years Awards - presented by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.  In that role I told the stories of people whose creativity, insight, and integrity have revolutionized modern medicine and affected the lives of millions of people throughout the world. I had the privilege of conducting in-depth interviews with these extraordinary men and women exploring some of the most profound questions about life, death, and what it means to heal. 

Stuart Diamond

2016 Award Winners  

Dr. William Catalona

Dr. Eva Feldman

Dr. Suzanne Oparil

Dr. Gerald Austen

Dr. Richard O'Reilly

Todd Slotkin

 2015 Award Winners  

Dr. Harvey Brem

Dr. Kimberly Brown 

Dr. Fabrizzio Michelassi 

Dr. Michael Johns 

Dr. John Mulliken 

Anthony and Jeanette Senerchia 

 2014 Award Winners 

Dr. Susan Bressman 

Dr. Catherine DeVries

Dr. Michael Saag 

 Dr. Victor Fazio 

Dr. Hagop Kantarjian

Dr. Mehmet and Lisa Oz

2013 Award Winners 

Dr. Gopal Badlani 

Dr. Jo Hannafin

Dr. jerry Shields

Dr. Michael Harrison

Dr. Sterling Williams

Dawn Halfaker

2012 Award Winners 

Dr. Richard Edelson 

Dr. Susan MacKinnon 

 Dr. John Morton 

Dr. John Clarkson 

Dr. Robert Brent 

Marlo Thomas 

2011 Award Winners 

Dr. Armondo Guiliano 

Dr. O. Wayne Isom 

Dr. David Kennedy 

Dr. George Cannellos

Dr. Matthew Davis 

    Evelyn Lauder 

2010 Award Winners 

Dr. Leonard Apt 

Dr. Larry Norton 

Dr. Ching-Hon Pui 

     Dr. John Buse 

Dr. Basil Hirschkowitz 

Alexander Given-Reeve 
Christopher Reeve

2009 Award Winners

Dr. Diane Meier 

Dr. Judd Moul 

 Dr. Carol Bradford 

Dr. Emil Freireich 

Dr. Thomas Starzl 

Page Morton

2008 Award Winners

Dr. Stanley Chan

Dr. Dade Lundsford

Dr. Robert Carlson

Dr. Robert Schreir

Dr. Jacqueline Noonan

Bob & Suzanne Wright